Toward the rising sun

The land of the Rising Sun – our nearest neighbour, the island of Sakhalin. They say that Cape Crillon were (the southernmost point of the island) in good weather you can see the coast of Japan. The culture of this amazing country is unique, mysterious and attractive. In this neighbourhood we have included in the training program, dedicated to Japan (one of them we have already told in VS No. 2 for 2009).

The job that we like to tell what might be called the "Screen".

To work with we students are prepared in advance. Talk about what you guys know about this country: what we have in common, and what is the difference of our cultures and worldview. Talk about the traditions, culture, way of life etc. are Talking about what some of the words that came to us from the Japanese language, have become part of our lexicon: Typhoon and tsunami, sushi and wasabi, karate, judo, kimono, khaki, Sakura, Jacuzzi, and of course, samurai and ninja. We talk about the decorative art of Japan, its architecture, national costume, gardens of stone, the art of ikebana. Talk about what bonsai and netsuke.

The job is for three or four classes. In the first phase of work inspired by the studied material the students acquire the conceptual material on the chosen topic. Defined technique. In this case, the guys chose the pens with gel pens. In parallel with the work on this task, try to learn about Japan. Watching the work of Katsushika Hokusai, woodblock Utamaro and Kitagawa. Show children photos of Japanese traditional dolls, objects of decorative-applied art (fans, combs, dishes, boxes). Briefly talk about the tea ceremony, traditional Japanese theatre and even curious about the upbringing of children.

Thus, performing the song, we are immersed in the culture of the neighboring States, bringing together our shores.


sq_bl Софья Климова.

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