The J. Paul Getty Museum. Los Angeles, CA

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles houses one of the finest private art collections. She belonged to the American tycoon the Paul Getty, one of the richest man of his time, during his life the collection had been opened to the public. The Museum was founded in 1974, and since 1997 is in its current building designed by Richard Meier. The Museum collection reflects the passions of its collector, who was mostly interested in antique marble and bronze sculptures, paintings of the Renaissance, carpets from Persia and from the manufacture of Savona, as well as French furniture and carpets of the XVIII century. After Getty's death in 1976, the Museum has continued to add works to the collection. The most famous acquisition is a bronze sculpture of an athlete is the winner, the authorship of which belongs to the ancient Greek sculptor Lisippo. This glorified work, found in 1964 in the Adriatic sea, cost the Museum a little less than four million dollars.

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