Need to reinvent the wheel?

In childhood we all love to assemble and disassemble toys from a variety of designers. Maybe much more interesting to invent the constructor itself?

In life, we quite often hear the expression "don't reinvent the wheel". Sounds pretty sad. We decided to rectify the situation and call our project a little differently. Why reinvent the wheel you need, or even necessary? People tend to take a huge amount of information, without asking themselves: "why so and not otherwise?".

When we question any established fact, make her own way, we say: don't need to reinvent the wheel. But only if you deviate from the established route (albeit very short) you can see something new. The path is not one million!

Our task was to create your own designer from which you can collect, you guessed it, bike. For a start – sketching: the future state apparatus it was necessary not only to draw but also to give it a name. From the sketches turned out great poster.

Begin to turn our sketches into reality. Details factory designers of this type are usually cut from plywood (all probably seen plywood models of dinosaurs, etc.). But since we were going to do a designer with his own hands, we took the material, which is quite simply cutting – two millimeter white cardboard (popularly called beer). To start on the selected format, it was necessary to draw the part so that their arrangement was the most dense and aesthetic. When all the details in place, cut them out breadboard with a knife. The task was complicated by the fact that in addition to bike parts we needed to keep the cardboard from which we have these parts cut out. As in this constructor.


Initially we had hoped that the models will be assembled without glue, but due to the peculiarities beer cardboard had to use PVA glue or hot glue. Also added wooden sticks (for the axles, steering components).

So, our bikes fly, drive, float, feed stray animals, move underground and even tamped sand! We wish you never stop inventing.


Educational program: "Paper of plastic".
4th year of training in Children's design center.
The job: "we Need to reinvent the wheel!".
The task's author and teacher: John Hertz.

sq_bl Ivan Herz, Olga Levies, Svetlana Lenckaya

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